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Working at Greenville Health System

Coming from a wide variety of cultures, educational backgrounds and places, the friendly teams at Greenville Health System welcome new patients and professionals with respect and open communication. Treating one another as professionals with valuable opinions, ideas and skills helps to build the strong relationships and trust essential to meeting or exceeding the highest standards of care.

What sort of person are you likely to meet at GHS? We look for individuals who are committed to making a difference by delivering the best possible care. Always putting the patient first, those who excel here share some other important qualities. These compassionate, independent thinkers tend to be team-focused, goal- and learning-oriented, tenacious, progressive and have a positive attitude toward patient care.

Above all, they are dedicated to excellence and the continual improvement essential to achieving it, which makes them a perfect fit for our teaching/learning environment. We offer opportunities for professional growth and advancement, including extensive classroom training in conjunction with our academic partner in success: the University of South Carolina.

And our world-class resources, including the most advanced, state-of-the-art technologies, encourage you to grow and succeed in ways you might never have imagined possible. If you are an energetic, outgoing person who adapts well to change, loves to learn new skills and enjoys applying them on a daily basis, then GHS might be a perfect fit for you.

Employment Status

Greenville Health System offers several categories of employment status in order to clarify eligibility for employee benefits.

A. FULL-TIME EMPLOYEES: Employees who are regularly scheduled to work at least thirty-six (36) to forty (40) hours per week in an approved position.

B. PART-TIME EMPLOYEES: Employees who are regularly scheduled to work between sixteen (16) and thirty-five (35) hours per week in an approved position.

C. FLOAT POOL/PRN EMPLOYEES: Employees who are hired to perform work at varying intervals for definite or indefinite periods of time.

Internships: GHS does not offer a formal internship program. Therefore, you must contact the Director of the department you are interested in working an unpaid internship.

Volunteers: Interested in volunteering? Click here to learn more.