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GHS Standards of Behaviors


At Greenville Health System, we hold ourselves accountable to high standards of behavior. These standards are observable, measurable and apply system-wide to all departments and roles, clinical or non-clinical.

Compassion guides our interactions with patients, families, other customers, vendors and co-workers. In addition to following all other policies, as an integral member of the GHS team, we demonstrate compassion by exhibiting the standards of behavior listed below in our day-to-day activities.

Together, we will:

Communicate professionally.

Observe good hand hygiene.

Maintain clean and quiet surroundings.

Protect privacy and confidentiality.

Assist patients, families and other customers.

Smile and greet everyone.

Secure a safe environment.

Identify ourselves and wear our name badges.

Offer support and demonstrate teamwork to co-workers.

Note problems and take responsibility to solve them.

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 I have read, understand and agree to abide by the GHS "Standards of Behavior" .


I have read, understand and DO NOT agree to the GHS "Standards of Behavior".