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We hope that you are considering a career with one of the finest healthcare organizations in the Upstate: Greenville Health System (GHS). If you're like most of our team members, you won't let your curiosity rest until you learn more. Click the "+" sign below to read answers to some frequently asked questions.

Is GHS hiring now?

Yes. GHS is always looking for new talent to join our team. Please visit our new applicant portal on April 4th to search for new opportunities.

I am interested in a position with Greenville Health System. What is the best way to apply?

GHS only accepts applications through the GHS Careers Web site.

I am interested in applying for another position within GHS.  What is the process?

GHS encourages all employees to explore career opportunities within GHS.  Our internal opportunities are listed on our careers page.  Be sure to choose the button that says "Current GHS Employees" as there may be postings on that page that do not appear on the external job posting site.  Please remember that you must have been in your current position for at least 12 months before you are able to transfer into another position within GHS.

Must I complete the entire application (previous work experience, etc.)?

Yes, to be considered for a position, you must complete each section of the application marked with a red asterisk. Resumes are not accepted in lieu of the completed application. In addition, GHS salary offers are based on relevant work experience. Therefore, all work history should be provided in a month/year format. (2/90 to 6/12). If you need to stop, you may select save for later and come back to finish your application at a later time. Incomplete applications are not eye appealing to a hiring manager.

How do I attach my resume to my application?

Please note that resumes are not accepted in lieu of the completed application. In addition, all resumes must be in a month/year (07/99 to 10/11) format so that the GHS HR Recruiter can calculate a salary offer should the hiring manager be interested in inviting you for on-site interview. You may paste a text version of your resume as the last step of completing your online profile. If you need guidance on how to create a text version of your resume, many Web sites can assist you.

Can I email or mail in a resume?

Can I drop off, e-mail or mail a paper resume without applying for a specific position?
No, GHS does not accept or keep unsolicited resumes (paper or e-mail). You must apply for positions online via the GHS careers website.

Will my application be automatically considered for all open positions?

No, your application or request for transfer/secondary job is considered exclusively for the specific job number(s) you have applied.

How will I know, if my online application was submitted successfully?

As soon as you submit your application, you will receive an automatic response thanking you for your application. If you have registered an e-mail address, you also will receive an e-mail confirmation that your application has been received. Please check your status by logging in with your user ID and password.

How do I know if I am being considered for the position(s) I applied for?

If your application was successfully submitted, your status will say, received by hiring manager. GHS managers are working managers and make every effort to review applications in a timely manner. (Please be patient.) Once your application has been reviewed, the status will inform you of the decision made by the hiring manager or the GHS HR Talent Acquisition Partner who reviewed your application.

How are applicants selected for an interview?

Managers review applications and transfer requests, and then they select the most qualified candidates for an interview.

How do I know my application is still active?

Applications for specific positions are active as long as the positions are vacant and the manager has not made a hiring decision. You may periodically check the status of the position(s) you applied. If your status does not change and the position is not marked as filled, your application is still active and you may be considered for the position. If you are selected as a potential candidate, the hiring manager or GHS Talent Acquisition Partner will contact you.

If I don't meet the minimum qualifications, will I still be considered?

No, every applicant must meet the minimum qualifications of the job to be considered. GHS does not offer on-the-job training; therefore, you must have the required education, work experience and/or licensure/certifications to be considered. Your application will be accepted when submitted but will automatically be coded as "Sorry, did not meet requirements for position."

How do I know if a position has been filled or closed?

If we have a sufficient number of applicants for a position, the job will no longer be visible on the Web site and your status will update to view considering other candidates.

How can I update my application once it has been submitted?

Profile information can be updated at any time by signing in and updating it. Once an application has been submitted for a position, the information it contains cannot be changed.

How do I apply for additional positions?

  1. Log-in to the careers website with your existing user ID and password (please do NOT create a new profile)
  2. Select find jobs and review minimum job qualifications.
  3. Select complete application.
  4. Answer the job related screening questions.
  5. Select continue.
  6. Review your profile information. (Update any relevant work history, change in address/phone, etc.)
  7. Read the acknowledgement information and select "Yes" if you agree to the statements.
  8. Select "Submit" for your application to be considered for the new position.

Do I need to create a new profile each time I apply for a new position?

No, use your previously created profile for each position for which you want to apply.

Do I need an e-mail address to apply for positions at GHS?

An e-mail address is not required, but it is highly recommended. E-mail can be an alternative method to contact you regarding GHS opportunities, and you can sign up for job e-mail alerts. If you have registered your e-mail address and you forget your user ID and/or password, you can request that this information be sent to you via e-mail. If you do not have an e-mail address, many companies offer free e-mail addresses, such as hotmail.com, yahoo.com or gmail.com. (GHS does not endorse or favor any of the companies suggested to you.)

If I don't have a computer, how can I apply for positions at GHS?

You may apply for positions at GHS by using any computer that has Internet access. Also, you may visit your local library, One Stop, Job Service or use any personal computer.

Do I need to create an account to browse openings?

No, you can search our job openings as a visitor, but you'll need to create a profile to apply for a job.

How do I apply for a temporary position at GHS?

GHS currently does not post any temporary positions on our Careers Web site. If and when we have a per diem or long-term temporary staffing need, we will place our order with local, state and/or regional agencies that have preferred temporary agency contracts with us on file.

If I am a current GHS employee, how do I apply for an internal transfer?

GHS employees should always apply using an internal application.

What should I do if I my application status has not been updated in 10 or more days?

If your status does not change, your information is still being reviewed and you may still be considered for the position. If you are selected as a potential candidate, the recruiter or hiring manager will contact you. Due to a high volume of applicants, not all applications are reviewed by the manager. Please continue to apply for all positions that you meet minimum job qualifications.

Which department should I contact if I need special assistance in completing my application?

Please call Talent Acquisition & Advancement at (864) 455-8976. Talent Acquisition & Advancement no longer provides computers for submitting online applications. Please visit your local One Stop, Good Will or local library.

Should I contact the GHS hiring manager?

No, please do not contact the hiring manager to request an interview or inquire about employment opportunities. All contact with managers will be initiated by the hiring manager after a position has been posted online and an applicant has applied for it. You may periodically check your status online for more information. If your status does not change, your information is still being reviewed and you may still be considered for the position. If you are selected as a potential candidate, you will be contacted.

Do you have on-the-job training positions?

No, GHS does not offer on-the-job training. You must meet the minimum qualifications of the job to be considered.

What qualities do you look for in an employee?

GHS seeks to diversify the workforce by selecting individuals who support our mission to
"heal compassionately, teach innovatively and improve constantly" and who identify with our core values: "compassion, respect, caring, honesty, integrity and trust. We live our values through open communication, forward thinking, creativity, continually striving to improve, responsiveness, a willingness to change, education, research and clinical quality."

Which department should I contact regarding internships?

Internship opportunities are determined by each GHS department. Contact the Clinical University to inquire about internships.

Which department should I contact regarding shadowing?

Because of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), GHS offers limited job-shadowing opportunities. We currently partner with Greenville County Schools only in offering shadowing experience to a set number of students from each of the Career Centers. Please contact career specialists at the different Career Centers for more information.

What are your benefits?

Greenville Health System strives to provide employees with the most competitive benefit package in the industry. Our employees are our greatest resource, and we take pride in being able to offer comprehensive and affordable benefits for all of our employees and their families. For additional information, please click on the "Compensation and Benefits" link on our Careers page.

If I am currently in school, will GHS pay for my education if I agree to work for them after completion of my degree?

GHS provides tuition assistance to full-time and part-time employees only. You must become a GHS employee to be considered for education assistance. The purpose of the education assistance program is to continually enhance the workforce of GHS. It is expected, therefore, that when an employee completes a program through the Education Assistance Program, that the employee will remain with the hospital system for specified length of time. The work expectations for educational assistance begin following the last day of class and are as follows:
  • Up to $2,000: one year of full-time or part-time employment
  • $2,001 to $4,000: two years of full-time or part-time employment
  • More than $4000: three years of full-time or part-time employment

I am a student - when should I apply for employment?

All GHS positions are posted to be filled immediately. Therefore, you should not apply for employment unless you will have the required education prior to beginning employment

Is GHS pay negotiable?

GHS Compensation develops hiring schedules for each GHS position which are evaluated annually and measured against similar markets. GHS Talent Acquisition & Advancement department uses defined hiring schedules to calculate experienced based salaries for new hires. Talent Acquisition & Advancement is unable to negotiate salaries in an attempt to meet or match what a prospective new hire is earning. Please be sure to discuss or request a salary offer from the hiring manager before a job offer is made/accepted.

Is GHS an Equal Opportunity employer?

Yes, GHS is an Equal Opportunity employer, and we do not discriminate on the basis of race, ancestry, color, religion, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, medical condition, disability, veteran status or any other basis protected by law. GHS was the first hospital system in South Carolina to develop and implement a formal diversity program in 1997 in an effort to identify and eliminate perceived barriers to the delivery of health and hospital services associated with cultural, racial, religious, disability and national origin issues. GHS promotes an environment in which our customers and employees are treated with respect regardless of their cultural, religious, ethnic or social characteristics. Candidates of all backgrounds are always encouraged to apply to any of our open job opportunities.