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Current GHS Employees

Striving to ensure that every member of our team realizes a truly satisfying career, GHS offers unique resources to help you maximize your potential and the enjoyment of your work/life experience. That's why we have created this place for you to review new opportunities, learn the details of our advocate referral program, review your benefits, and gain access to the various forms you need for different employment functions. We encourage you to explore all that we offer, and make the most of your career with GHS.

Do I need permission to transfer to a new position or work a secondary job?

A Permission to Transfer Form is required if you have been in your current position for less than one year.  Employees who are in their initial 90-day introductory period with GHS are not eligible to transfer to a new role or work a secondary job.

Please ensure that you have talked with your current supervisor and have their signature on the form prior to applying for a new position at GHS.  Our Talent Acquisition Partners will ask you to submit a signed and completed Permission to Transfer Form before an offer for a new position will be extended to you.  If you do not have the form signed when a Talent Acquisition Partner speaks with you about the new position, you may not receive an offer for the new role.

Click here to download the Permission To Transfer Form

Note - please remember you are required to update your work history to reflect your current GHS position. Your internal transfer application will not be accepted if your work history states you work for another company.